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When I was in London then I shopped some sexy lingerie for my girlfriend and I got truly disappointment in that. However, I had some terrific fun with hot women from cheap escorts of London and discovered all those women use some amazingly hot underwear. So, I decided I will ask for pointers and tricks from cheap escorts of London to buy lingerie for ladies. After that I contacted my choose cheap escorts of London company which is www.XLondonEscorts.co.uk and I reserved one of their ladies as my partner for a romantic evening.

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Speaking about those pointers that I obtained from cheap escorts of London for the buying of lingerie for women, then she told me to take note on the size of the lingerie. My cheap escorts of London partner clearly said that women prefer to have right sized lingerie instead of a tight or loose one. My cheap escorts partner said that if I will purchase lose or tight lingerie then girls will not feel comfortable in it which’s why they will choose not to utilize it. When I considered it then I realized she was right in this specific suggestion.

My cheap escorts of London girl likewise stated that if I wish to buy sexy lingerie for ladies then I should take note on the fabric too. I will choose cotton fabric, then it might be comfy for ladies but it may not look sexy on them. And if will select a material such as velvet then it may look attractive, however not comfy. So, it is strongly recommended that throughout this acquiring I ought to pay attention on the fabric as well and I should choose the material carefully.

My cheap escorts of London likewise asked me to buy it just from a reputed store. She informed me it doesn’t matter I am purchasing it online or offline in London I ought to purchase it only from a reliable shop. My cheap escorts of London girl stated if I will buy it from a reputable shop then I will not need to stress over the quality of material as shop require to look after its track record and that’s why they will keep only a great quality underwear with them. I had arrangement with this point as well suggested by cheap escorts woman and with my own experience I admit that each and every idea given by her was really practical in the getting of sexy lingerie for ladies.

I believe dating with leggy model or cheap escorts is not a taboo in any manner

Many people think that if a male has some kind of attractive fetish or desires for girls then that man is not a part of the typical crowd. Most of individuals … Full Article

Few things that you can not discover in offers by British escorts

British escorts

If you will check out online posts related to British escorts or their services then you will observe that British escorts do not provide sex as their services. Also when they write deals about their services then likewise they state the exact same thing in those offers and they clearly state that sex would not belong of their service. However, if we discuss those individuals that pay a lot of cash to British escorts for their services, they individuals actually do not appreciate such offers and they wish to get sex by these beautiful girls together with all the other services.

I am not stating that all the customers do not respect such deals however most of the customer can have this sensation and they do expect sex as service by British escorts. Here, I can not blame male clients also for their expectation due to the fact that when they pay a great deal of cash to cheap and hot London escorts then they feel they will get the liberty to have all sort of satisfaction with no constraints. Since of these expectations they do not appreciate those offers that British escorts business implement on their services and they intend to get sex from their paid companions.

Besides this, numerous British escorts companies are likewise there that claim no sex policy in all the offers that they make, however they likewise do not follow the same guideline. That indicates such British escorts companies use sex to their clients even after having such deals. So, we can say such business are also responsible for the opinion that numerous male customers make bout cheap and stunning London escorts. If we discuss the reasons because of which such companies make offers however do not follow then law can be among the most significant factor for that.

Legs To Die For

In London and in entire UK British escorts can provide companionship services by means of a firm, however if they will offer sex then that will be a criminal offense and company will have to deal with major problems with that. However, if they sign such deal and after that girls or British escorts do the sex with client then agencies can say they are providing women just for companionship services but they can not control what a lady does after meeting a client. That implies by signing such offers couple of cheap London escort and associated business provide sex as their services that too without breaking any law.

In case you also wish to have sex with hot and British escorts but you are not sure about the strictness of offers, then it is an excellent idea you talk for exact same with your provider. That means if you pick www.xLondonEscorts.co.uk to get your attractive xLondonEscorts then you can simply phone to them and you can talk about their services and restriction as well. And if you feel they are using what you want from them then you can take their services or you can prepare accordingly.

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Christmas miracle – Lesbian story

Christmas miracle - Lesbian story

If Christmas brings you past lovers, just accept the gift.

Adela’s is called Emma and, if you haven’t read it, you can enjoy her first meeting here: Emma I – Lesbian story. Christmas miracle follows below.

If someone had told me that they would see Emma again, I would not have believed them.

I still remembered the last time I saw her. After hugging me from behind against one of the shelves full of shoes, he disappeared. I ended up masturbating with the same shoe that I had touched while my brain could only think that I wish it was her.

However, that December afternoon seemed like an ordinary one, but it was not at all. Once my shift at the galleries was over, I was about to go home when I heard my name behind me. I could have recognized that voice anywhere. Emma was waiting for me in a black jacket that came down to her knees and high boots of the same color, which I could not see clearly despite the Christmas lights on Paseo de Gracia. Despite the cold, a wave of heat burned inside me.

-What are you doing here? I turned back and hugged her. The scent of her perfume crashed my neural activity before I could say anything else.

“I wanted to celebrate Christmas with you.”

I feigned displeasure, but a smile crossed my face. I wondered if she had thought of me as much as I had of her during these months.

“It’s a week before Christmas, Emma.”

—But tomorrow I’m going to Andorra. Skiing, you know. She moved her hips like she was sliding on skis and I laughed at the image.

“You could have tipped me off to wear something better than the first thing I caught this morning.”

Beneath my down anorak I was wearing only a green wool sweater and jeans. And my classic Converse, of course, which only stayed home on rainy days.

“Hush, you’re beautiful,” he said, and took my chin to place a short kiss on the lips.

Even though I knew it was a harmless gesture for Emma, ​​it revolutionized me. Every time his eyes lingered on mine a little too long, my pulse quickened and I forgot to breathe for a moment.

“Have you seen my boots?” He wanted to know, and lifted one of his legs.

“The Camdens of Saint Laurent?” I can not believe it. I looked into her eyes, slightly disappointed.

-Do not get ahead. I bought them in galleries, but online, ”he explained.

“Why didn’t you pick them up?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you by wearing them already.”

“Tall leather boots with four-inch heels don’t surprise me, but the fact that you wear them leaves me out of the game, you know that.”

She smirked and cocked her head.

“The square tip looks great on you,” I added.

—I would love to tell you that they are very comfortable, but instead of lying to you I will tell you that they are beautiful. Luckily we don’t go very far.

Emma’s fingers intertwined with mine in a way that was all too natural, without artifice. And I could only curse internally for those contradictory signals, the confusing messages, the rejections and those looks that said everything except that … Full Article



The plot seems taken from one of those American series that solve a different crime in each chapter. Of course, it had all the ingredients: a cabin, a refrigerator stocked with what looked like amputated testicles, and two so-called surgeons joking about eating them like bull criadillas. Black chronicle in its purest form. The news hit the newspapers just a year ago, when the victim, a 28-year-old man, arrived at an Oklahoma hospital bleeding profusely from his groin. The most surprising thing, however, is that the boy had voluntarily responded to the call of these two butchers who advertised on a website under the claim “From theEunuchMaker and the EM Crew” (from the Eunuch Maker and his team “) Eunuchs, yes yes, how they read it. But does that still exist? It sounds like a biblical insult, old-fashioned, legends about Joselito (the little nightingale turned into a dealer).

Well, it turns out that yes, others before us, obviously, have already investigated the subject, and that according to the journalist José Antonio Díaz Sáez in his book ‘Eunucos’ (Ediciones Almuzara) , which began millennia ago to become more docile and easy to fatten cattle, it can still be traced to this day. Ever since some clever thought that if cutting to the chase worked with the calf, why wouldn’t it serve to create a caste of loyal and incorruptible servants (curious to think that everything bad about men is stored in their testicles), eunuchs are they have moved throughout history between marginalization and privilege. Slaves, prisoners of war, high-ranking officials, harem caretakers, singers …the emasculated could be totally or partially, that is, they could cut off their penis and testicles, only the testicles, or simply damage them without cutting them until they were useless.

The first documents on the existence of eunuchs come from China and are dated in the thirteenth century BC. Many families castrated their children before the promise of social advancement, they were valued as trustworthy men who, deprived of having children, would not conspire against the official power (we will not go into detail, but what nonsense). They were also supposed to be better at taking care of women, but as history and also ‘Game of Thrones’ taught us, the lack of genitalia does not eliminate desire , and many managed to explore another type of sexuality. Not to mention, eunuchs with penises were valued for satisfying sexual uses by both men and women .

However, perhaps the most famous eunuchs in the world are the castrati, boys with a beautiful voice mutilated before puberty to preserve it and who were in high demand for their high tones when women could not participate in the choirs. And although the most famous was Farinelli and perhaps that is why they are considered to come from Italy, it was medieval Spain, as Díaz Sáez points out, the first European country to resort to castration of children for musical purposes.

Leaving Lorena Bobbitt’s husband aside , the  largest population of eunuchs is found today in India, where the Hijras , officially recognized as the third gender, form a millennial community comprised of gender-fluid people, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, and also, according to some estimates, by 10% of eunuchs who live, in many cases, from their participation in ceremonies such as weddings and births where they sing and dance to bless or rid … Full Article

Sex on tv

sex on tv

The one who writes, who is Catalan, is amazed by a regional television series called Merlí that has also reached the state level thanks to La Sexta. You must have heard of it: an unusual philosophy professor turns the institute where he works upside down. And the series has me stunned, not because it is better or worse -not bad-, but because, in the two seasons it has been running, it has confronted various ‘fashionable’ themes of the erotic-sexual world.

There are many of us in this erotic-festive sector who often talk about this series, most of the time in a positive way, due to the visibility of the problems that exist in the sex-affective panorama. But, on many occasions, feminist, progressive and leftist sectors have attacked the series as sexist, heteropatriarchal and macho. The thing reached the Catalan Parliament , and do not believe that the fight was a small thing. It is true that in the first season, the bulk of the protagonists were male (if it had been a series that did not deal with sexual issues, would it have mattered?); And yes, we recognize it, some other female character was treated like a vase, but isn’t our reality like that (even if we don’t like it)?

Here different ways of thinking are confronted: those who believe that television, and especially a public entity, must at all times program to educate; those who think of a TV series, with touches of the sex-affective world or not, should only entertain and those who argue that representation policies are important, but that not everything should be ‘exemplary’ either. To tell the truth, if a problem or reality is exposed, without judging how they are represented, it already serves to make them visible.

And fight up, fight down, Merlí, which goes like a shot, it overlaps, and it seems that the criticisms finally served so that the second season has been full of interesting gender challenges, sexual tendencies and practices: transsexuality, follamiguism, open relationships, bisexual discovery … I don’t want to do spoiler, and I do encourage you very much to see it. But I do tell you: this second season stands as more openminded , without a doubt. And rumors are already running wild: the third season is coming .

Spain is different

Beyond this series of youngsters and teachers, in Spain there is no more serial sex. At most, we can comment on Vis a vis (Antena 3), although, being a copy of Orange is the new black , we better explain the latter below. You will not need more scenes to tell us hot or anythin about sexuality:seems that sprees Men, women and vice versa or edredonings of Brother Gran , Spain isthan enough. Anyway, nothing more to add.

America is unleashed

Across the pond, it was very common to complain about the mojigatez of North American cinema. But the series arrived … and chinpún! Everything changed. In today’s American series, he fucks and loves each other hard. Like never before. From A to Z we review the series where sex is part and counterpart of the mess:

Masters of Sex (Showtime): based on the lives and anecdotes of the authors Masters & Johnson, who made the so-called bible of sex with his work of … Full Article

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Every single individual in this globe intends to have happiness and also satisfaction in his/her life. Undoubtedly, this suggestion of enjoyment can be different for different people and I am not anyone to make any talk about same. Nonetheless, my suggestion of fun is significantly basic and also I get pleasure and also joy easily when I hang around with stunning and also attractive women. Yet in addition to this I additionally don’t such as to get involved in any kind of major relationship with any type of lady. Other than this, I additionally do not such as the feeling when I need to invest a lot of money for any kind of unidentified females which is why I prefer to publication cheap Romford escorts for much of my fun needs.

Romford escorts - hot blonde

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