Christmas miracle - Lesbian story

Christmas miracle – Lesbian story

If Christmas brings you past lovers, just accept the gift.

Adela’s is called Emma and, if you haven’t read it, you can enjoy her first meeting here: Emma I – Lesbian story. Christmas miracle follows below.

If someone had told me that they would see Emma again, I would not have believed them.

I still remembered the last time I saw her. After hugging me from behind against one of the shelves full of shoes, he disappeared. I ended up masturbating with the same shoe that I had touched while my brain could only think that I wish it was her.

However, that December afternoon seemed like an ordinary one, but it was not at all. Once my shift at the galleries was over, I was about to go home when I heard my name behind me. I could have recognized that voice anywhere. Emma was waiting for me in a black jacket that came down to her knees and high boots of the same color, which I could not see clearly despite the Christmas lights on Paseo de Gracia. Despite the cold, a wave of heat burned inside me.

-What are you doing here? I turned back and hugged her. The scent of her perfume crashed my neural activity before I could say anything else.

“I wanted to celebrate Christmas with you.”

I feigned displeasure, but a smile crossed my face. I wondered if she had thought of me as much as I had of her during these months.

“It’s a week before Christmas, Emma.”

—But tomorrow I’m going to Andorra. Skiing, you know. She moved her hips like she was sliding on skis and I laughed at the image.

“You could have tipped me off to wear something better than the first thing I caught this morning.”

Beneath my down anorak I was wearing only a green wool sweater and jeans. And my classic Converse, of course, which only stayed home on rainy days.

“Hush, you’re beautiful,” he said, and took my chin to place a short kiss on the lips.

Even though I knew it was a harmless gesture for Emma, ​​it revolutionized me. Every time his eyes lingered on mine a little too long, my pulse quickened and I forgot to breathe for a moment.

“Have you seen my boots?” He wanted to know, and lifted one of his legs.

“The Camdens of Saint Laurent?” I can not believe it. I looked into her eyes, slightly disappointed.

-Do not get ahead. I bought them in galleries, but online, ”he explained.

“Why didn’t you pick them up?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you by wearing them already.”

“Tall leather boots with four-inch heels don’t surprise me, but the fact that you wear them leaves me out of the game, you know that.”

She smirked and cocked her head.

“The square tip looks great on you,” I added.

—I would love to tell you that they are very comfortable, but instead of lying to you I will tell you that they are beautiful. Luckily we don’t go very far.

Emma’s fingers intertwined with mine in a way that was all too natural, without artifice. And I could only curse internally for those contradictory signals, the confusing messages, the rejections and those looks that said everything except that they wanted me away.

Ten minutes later we were sheltered in a cocktail bar. Emma took over the dance floor as soon as she had her drink — a mimosa — and asked me if I wasn’t going to dance with her, then keep looking at her. As if I could not do it.

The street lights had been replaced by purple ones that filled the entire premises. Although I would have preferred more clarity to study the woman in detail, I could tell that her hair had grown a bit since the last time we had seen each other. She moved to the beat of one of Jennifer Lopez’s old songs, and when she could make sure my eyes were on her body, she unbuttoned her jacket and dropped it to the floor. She looked at me with her chin high as I felt myself start to get wet.

Under her jacket she wore a red velvet dress that gathered at her waist and narrowed to the middle of her thighs. The round neckline revealed Emma’s generous cleavage, her breasts moving with each of the wiggles she made under the neon. As much as I tried to watch her calmly, my heart was racing at times and desire ran through me desperately.

Being within a few feet was proving almost painful. Watching her dance was exhilarating and exciting on stratospheric levels, but he needed to feel her. I pushed my way through the people in the room and got behind her. He accompanied the smile with a purr and threw his head back.

—Estabas tardando mucho, Adela —dijo, y luego tarareó—. Let’s get loud, let’s get loud, turn the music up to hear that sound…

“You’re driving me crazy,” I whispered in her ear. In more ways than one.

Emma turned around, wrapped her arms around my neck and stayed extremely close to my face.


“Because you want to be with me, but you won’t let us.”

“If he won’t let us, then why did I come looking for you when I got off work?”

“Christmas miracle?”

“You’re an idiot,” he laughed and his hands began to slide down my back, not allowing our bodies to separate in the slightest.

I was able to anticipate what would happen next, and even so, I was not able to prepare for the cataclysm that it entailed. I could predict that his lips would hover over mine in a passionate kiss, no superficial friction like the others, and I was still unprepared. When his tongue and mine met, something exploded deep inside me. I was carried away by that slow and firm kiss that had taken too long, but had been worth it. I moaned against his mouth.

“Shh, let’s get out of here,” he murmured against my lips, tickling me.

-Where we go?

-At home.

“Each one to his house?”

“Both at my house.”

He bent down and I could only watch him pick up his jacket and put it back on. I retrieved mine, abandoned at the bar, and took Emma by the hand to leave the nightclub before she changed her mind.

The icy December air greeted us and made us run up Paseo de Gracia with more haste than we really had. After having moved in that way on the track a few minutes ago, any distance greater than that was the most absolute cold.

“Let’s get a taxi.” He stopped running and looked at me. I live two blocks from here, but between the cold and the boots I prefer to arrive whole.

His laugh tickled my lower belly.

“As you prefer,” I answered slowly. I walked over to the road and raised my hand. The approaching taxi turned off its green pilot light, slowed down, and pulled up in front of us.

When we were finally side by side in the back seats of the vehicle on the way to Emma’s house, I became aware of what was really happening. Not in my best dreams could I imagine that this would really happen. Now that her fingers were sliding down my thick stockings, it was clearer to me that, despite the other women I’d been with in the past few months, I’d never stopped thinking about her. I sought her lips in the darkness of the car and gasped slowly before kissing her, sealing that revelation with myself. Time stretched out during the journey: his hands were lost in the gap between my legs, my fingers searched for the skin in the velvet, our mouths played and tried to silence moans.

“Ladies, we have arrived.”