sex on tv

Sex on tv

The one who writes, who is Catalan, is amazed by a regional television series called Merlí that has also reached the state level thanks to La Sexta. You must have heard of it: an unusual philosophy professor turns the institute where he works upside down. And the series has me stunned, not because it is better or worse -not bad-, but because, in the two seasons it has been running, it has confronted various ‘fashionable’ themes of the erotic-sexual world.

There are many of us in this erotic-festive sector who often talk about this series, most of the time in a positive way, due to the visibility of the problems that exist in the sex-affective panorama. But, on many occasions, feminist, progressive and leftist sectors have attacked the series as sexist, heteropatriarchal and macho. The thing reached the Catalan Parliament , and do not believe that the fight was a small thing. It is true that in the first season, the bulk of the protagonists were male (if it had been a series that did not deal with sexual issues, would it have mattered?); And yes, we recognize it, some other female character was treated like a vase, but isn’t our reality like that (even if we don’t like it)?

Here different ways of thinking are confronted: those who believe that television, and especially a public entity, must at all times program to educate; those who think of a TV series, with touches of the sex-affective world or not, should only entertain and those who argue that representation policies are important, but that not everything should be ‘exemplary’ either. To tell the truth, if a problem or reality is exposed, without judging how they are represented, it already serves to make them visible.

And fight up, fight down, Merlí, which goes like a shot, it overlaps, and it seems that the criticisms finally served so that the second season has been full of interesting gender challenges, sexual tendencies and practices: transsexuality, follamiguism, open relationships, bisexual discovery … I don’t want to do spoiler, and I do encourage you very much to see it. But I do tell you: this second season stands as more openminded , without a doubt. And rumors are already running wild: the third season is coming .

Spain is different

Beyond this series of youngsters and teachers, in Spain there is no more serial sex. At most, we can comment on Vis a vis (Antena 3), although, being a copy of Orange is the new black , we better explain the latter below. You will not need more scenes to tell us hot or anythin about sexuality:seems that sprees Men, women and vice versa or edredonings of Brother Gran , Spain isthan enough. Anyway, nothing more to add.

America is unleashed

Across the pond, it was very common to complain about the mojigatez of North American cinema. But the series arrived … and chinpún! Everything changed. In today’s American series, he fucks and loves each other hard. Like never before. From A to Z we review the series where sex is part and counterpart of the mess:

Masters of Sex (Showtime): based on the lives and anecdotes of the authors Masters & Johnson, who made the so-called bible of sex with his work of the same name. In case you don’t know the story, a brief synopsis: in the middle of the 50s a gynecologist and his secretary decide to start researching sexology, carrying out “practical” tests with people: about their orgasms, emotions, physical reactions to sexual practice , etc. A revolution for the time that you will see embodied in this beautiful, aesthetic series, although true, not groundbreaking.

Orange is The New Black (Netflix): is the series that plays Vis a Vis, the original. A cock with a boyfriend goes to jail for a misdemeanor. Inside, her lesbian past is uncovered and that perhaps … the girl was not the little angel she seemed to be. We recommend that you see the original version, without a doubt. More powerful actresses and a more elaborate script. Maybe it’s because we saw it before, but OITNB is, in general, much more credible.

The girlfriend experience (Starz): 13 chapters about the life of a luxury escort. Sex of the one who plays, mixed with a typical tension of Soderbergh movies (which is what the producer is for), like “this is going to end badly, very badly”. The series constantly moves between the fine thread of ‘girl are you messing it up brown’ with the right of every woman to do with her life, work and sexuality what comes out of her pussy. Look at it and judge for yourself. – Transparent (Amazon): Have you not seen Transparent

Well, run: it debuted in February 2014 and is already in its third season. The characters are endearing and each member of the family is like a crazy representation of couple, sexual and sentimental stereotypes. A hodgepodge of sex and excitement.

What? You already have hyperplan for next weekend, right? And if the series with the most sex of the moment seem little to you, no worries : you can always access the porn series. But I propose it for the good, as the pack of Xconfessions Erika Lust.